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La Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) convoca a participar y ofrece ayuda financiera para cubrir un porcentaje de los costos de matrícula en los siguientes cursos y diplomados de actualización profesional, impartidos completamente vía Internet a través del modelo pedagógico del Aula Virtual del Portal Educativo de las Américas (www.educoea.org):

Deadlines to apply for partial and full scholarships listed below are fast approaching. Interested candidates must apply soon.

If for any reasons you cannot view this email, or if the links to information on specific programs have been disabled, please visitwww.oas.org/en/scholarships


Scholarships Now Available

Full Scholarships for Master’s Programs in Brazil

The OAS and the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities are offering 50 full scholarships for eligible 2-year Master’s Programs in Brazil.

  • More than 200 available programs offered by 15 participating universities throughout Brazil.
  • Scholarships cover full tuition, a 1,200RS (approx. US$750) per month stipend and a one-time payment of US$1,500 to help offset the cost of travel.
  • There is no language requirement for native Spanish speakers and native speakers of English or any other language must only demonstrate an intermediate level of Portuguese. Portuguese language support will be offered to all scholarship recipients by host universities.For more information, click here.

Other Great OAS Scholarship Opportunities for Academic Programs

Universidad de los Andes (100% tuition + partial stipend US$200/month)

Midwestern State University (60% tuition)

Structuralia – La Escuela de Organización Industrial (50% tuition)

Structuralia – Golf Business Group (56% tuition)

Structuralia – Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (40% tuition)

Structuralia – Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (40% tuition)

Structuralia – Universidad Pontificia Comillas (20% tuition)

Universidad Regiomontana (75% tuition)

OAS Emergency Scholarship Program for Haiti (Haitian citizens only)

State University of New York, Empire State College (100% tuition)

OAS Scholarship Opportunities for Professional Development

Structuralia (40%-56% tuition)

OAS Educational Portal of the Americas

OAS - Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) Diplomados

Courses in Spanish

Courses in English (50%-100% tuition)

OAS Interest-Free Student Loans for Study in the United States (Leo S. Rowe Fund)

Didn’t find what you were looking for? In addition to the many scholarships and training programs listed above, students from Latin America and the Caribbean studying in the United States may apply for interest-free student loans through the Leo S. Rowe Pan-American Fund. For details and restrictions, please visit the Rowe Fund website.

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